Dogtra 1900S Dog Training Collar System

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  • Works with a range of up to 3/4 mile and with dogs 35 pounds and up, with precision-adjustable low-high stimulation from 1-127 levels.
  • Three modes―nick for a short electric burst, constant, and shock-free paging, a vibration that can be used as a reward or warning signal.
  • Lightweight, shockproof, waterproof collar with slim profile so it’s comfortable to wear and is weather-resistant.
  • Ergonomic handheld transmitter with belt clip, comfort grip, and easy to see LCD screen.
  • Perfect for detection training, obedience, hunting, competition trials, and K-9.

Get complete control over your pal without a leash or choke collar with the Dogtra Company 1900S Dog Training Collar System. When your pal wears the lightweight, slim-profile collar, it forms an invisible leash that works up to a three-quarter mile away, while you hold total control with the ergo dynamic handheld transmitter with ergonomic grip and belt clip. You can choose from three modes with the push of a button―nick for a short electric stimulus, constant for a sustained stimulus, and page mode for a shock-free vibration that can be used as a reward or warning signal. Designed as the ideal behavior shaping device that works from a distance, it’s perfect for detection training, obedience, hunting, competition trials, and K-9. Plus, the electrical stimulus is fully adjustable from low to high levels for even the most stubborn dogs. The collar is ready to use in any weather thanks to its waterproof, shockproof design and comes with 2-hour rapid charge batteries.

Item Number 123884
Lifestage Adult, Puppy, Senior
Breed Size N/A
Collar Type Remote Training - Vibration
What's Included

Transmitter, Receiver, Battery Charger and Splitter Cable, Test Light, Owner's Manual, Gear Bag.


Dogs should be in good health during any e-collar training. Dogtra e-collars are not intended for use on dogs weighing less than 10 lbs or under 6 months of age. Skin irritation can occur from prolonged wearing of the stainless steel contact points on the training collar. Most dogs will exhibit some type of irritation (pressure necrosis) from prolonged contact of stainless steel contact points. Avoid having the dog wear the collar with the contact points in the same place for more than two hours at a time. Leaving the contact points on the same spot for an extended period of time can cause skin irritation. If the dog is to wear the e-collar for long periods, occasionally reposition the collar so that the contact points are moved to a different spot on the dog's neck.